My Grandfather, Frank Ross Sr., made up the fish themed family Coat-of-Arms for our fishing family. The three fish stand for the three brothers. I took to the trade of building signs; and I added to my grandfather’s trademark.

the story
There were three original brothers who came to the USA from Finland and changed their names from Stenroos to Ross. Two remained. One returned to Finland. One of those three brothers, Charles, had three sons, and two daughters. Those three sons were Frank Sr., Walter, and George. These were the three fisher brothers. The three fish also stand for the original three brothers, the three countries, as well as the three sons.


Frank Ross III can be found building signs for hire in his tool shed in Owls Head, Maine. He lives in the house his first-and-only wife, and he bought together. His daughter, and her human, and animal companions live right next door.

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